Travels: Canaries and Morocco

The Canary islands and Morrco were both populated by the Berbers (called Guanches in Spain) and share a fondness for color and patterns.  Since the Canaries are 80 miles off the Moroccan coast, it’s not surprising that there’s an El Andalus feeling in the Islas as well as in Marrakech and Fez.

One of my favorite experiences was sharing a little music with Mohammed, he on the oud and me with my travel guitar.  He managed to read my music so we could play a little renaissance music together.  I was barely able to decipher his scores, but we tried one of his songs together. Mostly, it was wonderful to listen to his delightful playing.  We felt like pashas with a private musician at our palace.   We loved the Moroccan tagines, the mojos of La Gomera, the trails and mountains in both countries.  Influences from the marvelous designs will find their way into some polymer clay designs soon!

Guitar and oud       Beautiful colors.       Berber man in rural market