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Zanzibar necklace

Take a trip to Zanzibar! Inspiration for this disk necklace comes from African motifs and the rich colors of cinnamon, turmeric and red ochre. You can almost smell them!  Intermediate. 6 hours.

Little Boxes

Boxes invite treasures and the appreciation of small things. Using polymer clay canes, we will make small lidded boxes decorated with fancy knobs.  The class will include learning at least two cane patterns, constructing and finishing the box.  Intermediate. 6 hours.

fleurs small


The riotous colors and exquisite forms of the garden provide delight and inspiration.  This class will teach three flower petal canes and strategies for combining them and turning them into lovely pendants and earrings.  Students need to have some experience with making polymer clay canes. Intermediate. 6 hours

Dots and Dashes

Simple circles and lines are the foundation for stunning designs.  Stripes and bulls eye canes are combined to make elegant little open work bowls, earrings and pendants.  Advanced beginners.    6 hours.

Treasure bowls

Polymer clay is an excellent medium for making beautiful small bowls to hold small treasures or just to admire. They are charming with feet and lids, too! In this class we will build canes to create patterned sheets of clay which will be formed into bowls about 3.5 inches in diameter with contrasting insides and bottoms. Level: intermediate. 6 hours


Canes and cones, flowers and shells

For this project, inspiration comes from the beaches and gardens of our wonderful northwest.  We will create colorful patterns with simple polymer clay canes, then bend and fold them into dramatic cones.   Students will make enough beads for a simple necklace and take home clay and canes for more projects!  Level intermediate. Students need to have some experience with making polymer clay canes and should bring at least three canes to class.   6 hours


Flutter bracelet

In this class, we’ll create a sumptuous bracelet with pinched cane slices. Each student will make several variations of striped canes, using three or four striped designs and a couple of patterned micro canes that will be used for the leaf centers and borders.  Each bracelet requires many leaves, so the idea is to slightly vary the patterns around a cohesive palette to create movement and interest. Students will make one bracelet, which may be combined with additional strands,  shown in the photo.  During the class we will make the canes, cure the beads and string the bracelet.  This is a great exercise in using colors while learning a technique that can be used for necklaces or earrings.  Level:  beginner and up.  6 hours



There is calming magic in the symmetry of mandalas.  The mandala, which means circle in Hindi,  represents wholeness and reminds us of our connections to nature and community.   Creating a polymer clay mandala pendant to wear combines  the joy of creation, the delights of exploring color and the tranquility of the form. This all day class will begin with making simple millefiori canes, then combining them to design a pleasing pattern to create  a symmetrical mandala.  Each pendant is a unique piece and stunning, and the process is simple enough  for beginners.  6 hours.


Ikat pendant

We will construct two simple,  but versatile polymer clay canes, the ikat and the zipper cane.  Each can be used as a design element or combined to make new canes.  By varying the arrangement and selection of form and color, we will be able to create beads for a dramatic pendant.  This class is suitable for beginners.  6 hours.


Ethical ivory necklace

Elephants rejoice!  Faux ivory made of polymer clay let us quench our thirst for this exotic element.  With the addition of a little texture, paint, and imagination, polymer can recreate the color and grain of ivory  and coral. In this class, we will make a polymer clay faux ivory which will form the basis for a pendant and additional beads.  We’ll make basic beads and embellish them with canes, surface treatments, including texturing  and using paints.  6 hours.  Confident beginners and up.


Millifiore magic

Simple millefiore canes made with polymer clay can create stunning designs. After learning how to condition polymer clay and mix colors, we will make three basic canes: a bullseye cane, a skinner blend and a spiral. In this class we will make beads that can be strung into a necklace like this one or made into a bracelet and earrings. This class is appropriate for newcomers to polymer clay as well as students with some experience. 6 hours.


Polymer disk bracelet

Fire free, stress free “lampwork”!  Students will make at least three polymer clay canes to adorn flat disk beads that look smashing, including swirls, floating dots, and Asian flower canes.  This 6 hour class is appropriate for confident beginners and above.


Private studio polymer clay experience

Celebrate a special day by arranging a private studio polymer clay experience for a small group of up 2 to 4 people in Laurel’s home studio. The day includes a delicious home-made lunch and lots of hands-on-help. Please contact Laurel for details.