A great week in August

I spent two lovely weeks with my family, then a week with amazing artists high in the Rockies where I  observed a moose browsing on willows on a wall along the Poudre River.  Then I had a piece featured in Polymer Clay Daily.  What a fabulous end to a great summer.

Travels: Canaries and Morocco

The Canary islands and Morrco were both populated by the Berbers (called Guanches in Spain) and share a fondness for color and patterns.  Since the Canaries are 80 miles off the Moroccan coast, it’s not surprising that there’s an El Andalus feeling in the Islas as well as in Marrakech and Fez. One of my […]


Utah friend Lisa spent a month in Portland, so we had a chance to practice classical guitar duets to our heart’s content.  We threw a party/house concert  to share our efforts and played a few challenging pieces – never error free on my part, but nonetheless sounding pleasant!  I am so lucky to feel passionate […]

Spice Islands beads for new class

I’ve been playing with simple canes, imitative ivory and a little carving/texturing to make samples for an upcoming class I’ll be teaching on March 1.  The challenge is to make designs that remind me of my trip to Tanzania (old glass and ivory) and are straightforward enough for beginners.  The permutations are endless!   Here’s […]

Winter trails

A couple of days on snow shoes and cross county skiis in Essex, MT offered up lovely sculptures of wind blown snow.  January in Whitefish is hibernation time- relaxed, restorative, unfrantic.